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Below are some of the most meaningful and wildest stories from OA Ocean Adventure. These are firsthand accounts from Arrowmen who have found out exactly what the makes OA Ocean Adventure so awesome. But to really find out what all the excitement is about, you'll have to go and experience it yourself.

Morgan Bancroft - Connecticut

I look at my regulator with my dive light. The luminescent marks on the face tell me that I only have five hundred pounds per square inch compressed air left. The dive has come to an end and its time to surface; the Dive Master told all buddy pairs to be back on the boat by 8:30 p.m. or 500 PSI (and what the Dive Master says, goes!). This was the best dive yet; the reef at night seems to come alive with turtles, Great Barracuda, alien-looking slipper lobster, cleaner shrimp, grouper, and hundreds of other colorful creatures of the sea.

This dive is a sample of the Order of the Arrow Ocean Adventure. Though all OAOA dives are fun, there is a message behind every dive. The main focus is on ecology and conservation of the reefs and ocean habitat. By being immersing into the ocean world some of us had never known, we became guests to this aquatic environment. Some inhabitants allowed us to get mask to snout or antennae with them. This adventure, in some ways, was hands-on, picking up and removing trash, while in other aspects, reef and fish were hands off! We became familiar with the ecosystem and began to understand the importance of throwing away trash in proper receptacles and not the ocean floor, or some poor blennys front doorstep.

Our first week of the two week adventure included some classroom work and confined (pool) water diving time. The second week was all dedicated to cheerful service on or near the water, both in (Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico) and out of the water. On top of this great learning experience of the fragile marine world, I walked away with seven new brothers I never knew I had. Bonding with new friends from around the country was just as exciting as letting myself fall freely, one foot then the other, into the water with my gear on for the first time.

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